Microblading permanent makeup services

Microbladed Eyebrows

$397 – 2 Hours

There is nothing more enhancing to our natural beauty than a beautiful set of brows! We want give you the brow shape and color that YOU like. Everyone has a vision of what their brows should be and we strive to give you that vision. Microblading gives the appearance of more hair in your browline.

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microbladed eyebrows permanent makeup services

Microblade & Shade

$397 – 2 Hours

This is a technique that creates hair strokes in the brow line and then shading to add dimension and a very soft look. The shape will be custom made to your style and looks very natural.

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powder brows permanent makeup services

Powder Brows

$397 – 2 Hours

Although this technique uses a cosmetic tattoo machine, it is very easy on the skin and gives the look of a powder application, and can be very bold or very soft. This is especially good for women with oily skin.

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permanent eyeliner services


$397 – 2 Hours

We specialize in a Lash Enhancement or Soft Liner, and most women chose to have just their upper lids tattooed, so that their eyes appear more open. The lower lids can also be done if that is your preference.

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lip color permanent makeup services

Lip Color

$397 – 2.5 Hours

If your lips have just a little color, your whole face lights up! We go for a natural look at Face of the Goddess. Let me make you comfortable and have a tattoo that stays on even during swimming, eating, or kisses!

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areola tattoo - areola repigmentation services

Areola Tattoo

Price Varies – Call for Details

This wonderful pigmentation is very close to my heart as I am a breast cancer survivor since 2010. When I was going through chemotherapy, I lost so much more than my breasts, I lost my energy and the way that I was used to looking! Losing your hair is a real shock, no matter how prepared you are. As a permanent makeup artist, I’d had permanent brows done before chemo and then areola tattoo after reconstruction. Areola Re-pigmentation is a beautiful end to a our cancer experience. That’s why I offer these services to all cancer survivors at half price.

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smp - scalp micropigmentation services

Scalp pigmentation

$100 per hour – Call for Details

Scalp pigmentation is a wonderful technique for women whose hair has become thin so that the scalp can be seen. These areas can be filled in very subtley so that it looks as though the hair is still growing there.

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permanent makeup touchup services


6-Week Touch-up for Brows, Eyeliner, or Lips – $50

6 weeks after your initial permanent makeup service (Brows, Eyeliner, or Lips) we can fine tune the color and shape. Everyone heals differently, so this service is optional, but is highly recommended.

Complete Refresh for Microblading after 1-2 Years – $185

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Treat yourself to makeup that stays perfect day after day! Prices start at $350!