Common Questions from Clients

It’s important for clients to be able to ask questions, please ask as many as you want!
To start here are a few of the ones that are asked of me the most!

How long does it take for them to heal?2020-03-31T00:39:46+00:00

Usually the makeup will look very bold for the first few days and then it will flake and that is the time to use the ointment that you receive in your aftercare bag.  Generally you will see the final results of this application in 4-6 weeks and then it’s time for a touchup.

How will I feel afterwards?2020-03-31T00:38:15+00:00

You may have some soreness on the day of the application, and you can use ice (or frozen peas!) to feel more comfortable.  Most clients find this time to be quite easy and have no difficulty, or even the need for ice.

How long does it take and what exactly is the procedure?2020-03-31T00:36:50+00:00

The initial appointment takes about 2 hours.  You will fill out medical forms and consents, take a “before” picture  and then we will draw on the brows or liner or lips that you like.  For brows, especially, we take our time to draw them in the shape you like and use different tools to make sure that they are even.  When we are sure of the shape, I will apply the numbing gel and you will relax and get numb in about 20 minutes.  During that time we will pick out a few colors that you like and I’ll apply a little drop right on your skin to see what your chemistry does with them.  And then we pick the best one.
After numbing is complete, I’ll wipe off the gel and begin the application of color.  I usually go across each brow or eyeliner with the pigment three times, reapplying numbing gel as needed.  You will have a look at what I”m doing as we go along.  After we are all done, and you approve of your makeup, I will take your “after” photo and then apply a numbing ointment to send you off to the rest of your day.

How much does it hurt?2020-03-31T00:34:43+00:00

I have a variety of wonderful numbing gels and creams in my studio.  These are topical and my aim is to have you be super-comfortable during the application of the pigment.  If you feel any discomfort, we apply more numbing product.  Most of my clients are surprised at how easy it is for them.

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