Brows Before Chemo

Why to have Microblading from a fellow survivor

Consider having Microbladed Brows before Chemotherapy

As a cancer survivor myself, I specialize in helping other cancer patients have confidence in the way they look, by microblading their brows. Microblading is a gentle tattoo, and looks very natural. This is a positive experience, and a boost before going into treatment.

Cancer treatments may take away the color from our faces, our hair, and sometimes our most personal body parts! It is a great help to feel beautiful during this difficult process. In my peaceful Longmont office I offer beautiful semi-permanent brows before women go into treatment. It’s amazing what brows can do for our faces, especially when we may lose our hair! Our brows play a huge roll in framing the face, bringing life to the eyes, showing emotions, and making us look healthy.

Here are pictures of two of the women who had their brows microbladed before chemotherapy. After they were finished with treatment, we did a touchup. I believe in this process so much that I offer this service at half price.

Microblading before Chemo
Permanent Makeup before Chemo

My mission is to help you feel beautiful and radiant like the goddess you are.